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Kasia R.


I would describe LMPT as one of a kind, remarkable life transformation system and meditation practice. It’s absolutely amazing!! I’ve been using LMPT for several months and I am amazed how fast it works on both physical and spiritual realms.

LMPT brings me success in every area that I am setting my intentions on improving in my life. What I love about it is that in only 10 minutes you can set your objective and in only 2-3 mi...nutes you are in a deep meditative state. The feeling of peace and connection surrounds you. I learned and used different methods to improve my life in the past. The Silva Mind Control Method, Reiki, self-hypnosis and other meditations, but although none are worse or better, they are different. LMPT resonates with me the most. I use it now on its own or along with Reiki. I also use LMPT meditation before I give Reiki energy to family/friends.

I already successfully used LMPT for seasonal allergies. I am 90% free going on a 100% without any medication. That alone is amazing!!!! I constantly use LMPT when I need an energy boost; during work or just before working out. The system is marvelous in releasing stress and fear. It puts me in a calm, peaceful and loving state. I use LMPT to improve all of my relationships. I use it to better my life physically and expand spiritually. It gets me closer to the source.

Kerstin (Ajasha) is a brilliant, warm and compassionate instructor. In fact, she’s the only one in the USA who can teach LMPT. If you desire to find balance, peace, self-love, deep connection and expansion in all aspects of your life that you desire enhancement in, then this would be a great fit for you as well. More than that, it would be the most beneficial change in your life forever.

Über KerstinAjasha

1964 geboren, glücklich verheiratet und Mutter von 4 mittlerweile erwachsenen Kindern. Seit 2012 Kristallschädelhüterin, seit 2014 eingeweiht in die Linie der mexikanischen Curanderas (Schamanin)

Mein Geschenk für Dich! Gratis Seelenreise – Kurs!

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Shamanic Circle

ab dem 10.10.21 startet der Shamanic Circle.

Lerne Dein Krafttier kennen, erfahre wer Dein schamanischer Lehrer ist, fühle die Kraft des Inneren Gartens und nimm mit Deiner Seele Kontakt auf. Dies ist der Start in eine schamanische Praxis für Dich.

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